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A New Indie Distribution Model

An interesting development out of Boulder, Colorado that is both a good and bad sign.  Self-published writers can now pay for being stocked on the shelves or more:

The store charges its consignment authors according to a tiered fee structure: $25 simply to stock a book (five copies at a time, replenished as needed by the author for no additional fee); $75 to feature a book for at least two weeks in the “Recommended” section; and $125 to, in addition to everything else, mention the book in the store’s email newsletter, feature it on the Local Favorites page of the store’s website for at least 60 days, and enable people to buy it online for the time it’s stocked in the store.

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Thoughts on the Editing Process

Since I have been doing a lot of this lately, including Beta reads and formatting, I thought I would discuss the various stages of the editorial process. This is by no means specific to self-publishing; all authors go through an editorial process of some sort, and for some, the process is much deeper than it is for others, and for some it could be a whole lot deeper.…

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10 Ways to Promote Your Book in Your Own Backyard

Online marketing is a wonderful way to reach a worldwide audience, but sometimes authors overlook book marketing opportunities in their own backyard.

In your local area and region, you have the opportunity to stand out as a bigger fish in a smaller pond.…

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The Independent Self-Publishers Alliance

The newly-discovered Independent Self-Publishers Alliance looks promising:

The Independent Self-Publishers Alliance is an organization for writers who publish their own books. There is no charge to use the website or forum or to join the Alliance.

This website exists to encourage and help writers to become truly independent self-publishers, so they can avoid using vanity publishers.

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Ten Secrets of Professional Book Cover Designers


BOOK REVIEWERS notice it. Bookstore owners notice it. Distributors pick right up on it. Online bookstores avoid it. Customers shun it and don’t even know why. What is it? Bad book cover design. Nothing says “amateur” faster and more effectively than a poorly designed book cover.…

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How to Become a Blogging Expert Overnight

With age comes wisdom…but, not when we’re talking about blogging.

It doesn’t take years to become an expert blogger. You can *conquer all obstacles* and become a professional as early as…tomorrow. Yes, I said tomorrow. To become a blogging expert, all you need to do is:

–         Define Your Niche – Mental blocks will be unheard of.…

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DIY TV Advertising

I can’t claim to have done this yet, but it’s pretty amazing that Google TV Ads are even possible. When people start creating their own television advertising, how will something like putting out your own book lack any credibility? Answer: it won’t and we’re entering a brave new world where DIY is the norm.…

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