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Self Publishing Basics: How to Read an ISBN

Some years ago I published a book that landed on the front page of the Sunday New York Times Book Review, which was quite a thrill for my wife and I, who were running our publishing company from a spare bedroom in our house.…

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Getting an Account with Lightning Source

Originally posted at Kreelan Warrior, the site of Michael R. Hicks, author of the science fiction series, In Her Name – “Fans of epic fantasy as well as science fiction lovers will find an enjoyable read here, particularly those who love to visit unique worlds with some seriously beautiful worldbuilding.”

For those who may be thinking about Lightning Source (LSI), I wanted to give you a quick rundown on what it takes to at least get your foot in the door and get an account.…

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Successful Self-Publishing: Asking the Right Questions

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series and welcomes Carol Buchanan,  PhD, to the Self-Publishing Review.

Successful self-publishing, whether or not you write an award-winning book, depends on asking the right questions about each of the six publishing phases.…

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