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To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish Part Two

There are several key questions an author must ask themselves before embarking on their journey through self-publishing, whether they are prepared to go it alone or utilise an author solutions company to do the job for them.

1. Have you exhausted all the traditional channels to have your book published?

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Marketing: Your Title Defines Your Book and Your Brand

The issue of branding is critical to a self-published author; It defines your book and it also defines you in the public mind.  The obvious problem here is to find a title that stands out from the rest, attracts the attention of potential buyers and actually tells them what the book is about. …

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How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish?

This recent opinion post about writers who can “get away with” not hiring an editor if the book is interesting enough brings up an important topic: how much should self-publishers look to spend on releasing a book.  That post may make it seem like it’s justifying poor editing. …

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The Grueling Critique Process

An invaluable post about online critique groups, reprinted from Robin Mizell’s blog, Treated and Released.  Robin Mizell is a self-publishing friendly literary agent (!)  She says, “It sometimes confuses aspiring authors when I refer to DIY resources….I try to give people the information they need to make good decisions, even when it seems counterproductive for my enterprise.”

To all poseurs, Marsha Durham announced yesterday on her blog, Writing Companion, “Don’t Even Think About Joining My Writing Group.” With glib humor, she then described the traits exhibited by annoying critique group members.…

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Enhancing Your Brand with Affinity Merchandise

“Affinity merchandise” is a fancy term for everyday promotional items that every business uses to enhance its brand and create good will.  They are also known as “advertising specialties” and “swag”.  There are so many choices, ranging from pencils, to the latest Flip video mini-camera, that choosing which items will work for you requires some really deep thought.…

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A Quiet Place to Write

About a week ago I had to opportunity to view again, after twentyyears, an arty but satisfying film by director-documentarian Jill Godmilow, called Waiting for the Moon. Plotless and rather devil-may-care when it came to realistic chronology, it depicted the lives of Gertrude Stein and her companion, Alice B.…

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Four Rules for Creating Your Own Marketing Strategy

1.)  It’s an Investment, Not a Cost

Marketing is more than just selling your book.  Taken by themselves, most marketing events are loss-leaders.  A book signing or table event won’t normally bring you enough profit on the copies sold to cover your costs of getting there, much less a decent wage for the hours spent not just during the appearance, but all the collateral work and other material that you should provide such as bookmarks and posters. …

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Using Twitter for Book Marketing

Twitter is the new Myspace. Back when I first started using Myspace, around 2-3 years ago, it was still a place where people connected with each other. When you added a friend, people would actually take the time to see how you were.…

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