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Vanity Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Is there a difference between vanity publishing and self-publishing?  Yes and no.  Sometimes vanity publishing and self-publishing are interchangeable – especially when self-publishing is discussed with derision.  The concept of vanity publishing – that an author is so vain that he or she must release a book despite it not finding a publisher – should be discarded. …

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Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

Most people think of self-publishing as a last resort. And truth be told: it is. It would be much easier to have a mainstream publisher cover all the costs of printing, distribution, and marketing of a book. However, there are cases where even having a mainstream publisher can be problematic – such as getting limited marketing help or never making any royalties.…

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The Fundamentals of Good Book Design

One of the major issues with self-publishing is the quality of the book design.  A great number of self-published books make it glaringly obvious that the book has been self-published.  This is significant because it can lead to a book being ignored by reviewers or prospective buyers. …

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Is a Literary Agent Necessary?

If you’ve already chosen to self-publish then, no, a literary agent is not necessary.  But a majority of those looking to self publish were either unable to find an agent or an agent was unable to sell a manuscript.  Given the short life-span of a manuscript in the slush piles of publishing houses, it is not all that surprising if a book is not able to find a publisher. …

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Self-Publishing Review Blogs

In the early days of blogging, self-publishing blogs were few and far between.  Now there’s a long list of self-publishing litblogs.  Some self-publishing bloggers come and go, like Poddy Mouth, the pioneer in self-publishing review blogs, but some are here for the long haul, such as Pod People, a blog that has seen other self-publishing reviewers come and go. …

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Writing Self-Published Press Releases

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If you’re self-releasing a book, a press release is a mandatory part of the process. Certain self-publishers, like Outskirts Press, include press releases as part of their more-advanced packages, but this does not always include the writing of the press release itself – just its distribution – so understanding the fundamentals of writing a book press release is important.…

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