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Seven Tools for Bloggers, Publishers, and Creative Writers

Seven Tools for Bloggers, Publishers, and Creative WritersThe Internet offers a wealth of resources for publishers, advertisers, and creatives to explore. It doesn’t matter what writing activity you practice and what obstacles you face; you can always find the right tool that will help you get better in your work.

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Author Directory Sites: The Complete List

There are a lot of different types of directories: author listings, book listings, and libraries. This post will cover them all, some for free, some for a fee. I’m defining “directory” as any site where an author can add a book page, author page, or both. …

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Crowdsourcing Sites for Authors: The Complete List

Crowdsourcing may be how most books are published in the future. Forget advances from publishers – it’s another avenue that makes going it alone much easier, because you’re not really going it alone at all. The process is simple: create a project, add some incentives (signed copy, marriage, etc.) and you can get a book fully funded – pay for cover, editing, marketing and more.…

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Are You Looking For Free E-books?

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The e-book industry has become much larger than we could have ever anticipated, which is probably why there are so many people trying to get into it. If this is you, then this search engine is the perfect solution, as buying e-books  could break the bank every single time you find yourself in the situation of wanting to read something! …

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Best WordPress Themes for Writers & Publishers


(List updated 11-2015)

Setting up an author website is pretty much a given for all self-publishers. Given that blogging is also an important facet of author promotion, it can be easier to use a blogging platform for the overall website. It’s very possible to make a blogging template function as a commercial website.…

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