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WordPress Bookstore Plugin: MyBookTable

If you’re using WordPress (.org), this plugin is somewhat useful, but could be a lot more useful. It streamlines something that doesn’t necessarily need to be streamlined, but it is a useful organizational tool if you’ve got a lot of books to manage.…

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New Ebook Store: Libiro

A nice-looking ebook store open to self-publishers, still in beta. Put together by a self-publisher.


Why do you only sell indie books?

The main reason is that indie authors are exciting. The good thing about publishing yourself is that you’re not tied down to market trends or a publisher’s business plan.

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Smashwords Unveils Smashwords Interviews

Smashwords unveiled a cool new promotional tool where authors can interview themselves. Interviews can be ranked according to popularity.

Here’s how it works:

How to create, edit and publish your Interview:

  1. Your Smashwords Interview can have as many or as few questions as you like.

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