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Formatting your book with OpenOffice – Part 2

In Part 1 I started with a book in the standard format we all send to agents and formatted it in preparation for print. This article continues with formatting the manuscript for a particular book size.

Choosing a book size

Since I’m self-publishing, it isn’t likely my paperback will be stocked in Barnes and Noble.…

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20 Economical Book Marketing Techniques

Summary: Learn how to get your book publicity campaign moving despite the current economic recession by trying these practically economical methods of book marketing.

Whether you are an upstart author or a self published author, an efficient book marketing plan in these times of economic recession need not be expensive if you just know your target market, find the most economical means to inform this market of your works, and establish a lasting, trustworthy relationship with your new-found markets.…

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Boost Your Book Sales with Press Releases

Summary: Learn how to increase your book sales as a self-published author by trying an online press release campaign, in order to connect with the right demographic and significantly improve the sales returns of your book.

As a self-published author, you can generate considerable sales returns for your book by resorting to issuing well-written press release campaigns.…

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How to Link a Kindle and Print Edition

Sometimes when you create a Kindle edition, it is posted separately from the print edition so it is appears to be an entirely different book, with two distinct pages.  There’s no rhyme or reason why this happens to some books and not others, but it can be a real problem – especially when you’ve cultivated a bunch of reviews for one edition. …

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