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The Brontë Sisters – Self-Publishing Pioneers

Did you know the Brontë sisters were pioneers in self-publishing? In this look at their lives, vanity presses, underhand dealings, and ripoff merchants play in their rise to literary legend.

Patrick Brunty was an Irish clergyman from humble beginnings. Subtly changing his name over time to “Brontë,” meaning “the sound of thunder” in Greek, to suit his loftier academic leanings, he had married and had six children, with Charlotte (1816–1855), Patrick Branwell (1817–1848), Emily (1818–1848) and Anne (1820–1849) surviving the deaths of their mother from cancer and their two older sisters Elizabeth and Maria from suspected consumption.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Katy Evans

Katy Evans Indie AuthorKaty Evans is one of the biggest names in self-published romance in the past few years. Riding the new wave that the industry has witnessed when it comes to female-penned romance and erotica, Evans has delivered consistent hits that wow her fans and grow her audience every day.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Chuck Tingle

Content warning for references to explicit sexual content

Chuck TingleDr. Chuck Tingle is psuedonymous author of a slew of short self-published gay erotic parody titles, which he calls “tinglers,” whose bizarre take on the genre has earned him an unusual reputation as a comedian and niche author.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Kristen Ashley

Kristen AshleyBorn in Gary, Indiana, Kristen Ashley is one of the hottest names in self-publishing in recent years. An overnight sensation, Kristen Ashley is primarily a romance author whose powerful, indulgent, and altogether fun reads have cultivated a huge following, and is a hard-working head of her own business who still manages to publish several books a year.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: David Chilton

David ChiltonDavid Chilton is a Canadian author who began as an investor. He now runs his own publishing company, as well as a financial planning business, and for a time was part of CBC’s Dragon’s Den as one of the titular “Dragons.”

What books has he written?

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Self-Publishing Success Story: H.M. Ward

H.M. WardDominating the emerging female-written new-adult genre, H. M. Ward is the best-selling author of The Ferro Family saga – notably the Damaged series, as well as The Arrangement series, The Proposition series, and The Wedding Contract. Her books have quickly taken the market by storm, accruing a strong readership and a devoted fanbase that have even gone as far as to begin a campaign for a film adaptation of her Ferro Family titles without provocation by the author herself (although greatly supported by her through interaction and exposure on social media and personal website).…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Amanda Hocking

Amanda HockingAmanda Hocking, author of Young Adult paranormal romance fiction, gained great attention with her debut in 2010 with the My Blood Approves trilogy, and later smash-hit success with the Trylle trilogy the same year, which reached over 1.5 million sales before signing with St.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Lisa Genova

Lisa GenovaLisa Genova is a trained neuroscientist whose debut novel, Still Alice, is about a woman with an early onset form of Alzheimer’s, who has to learn to cope with the way her life is changing. Genova self-published her book in 2007 with iUniverse, and it was picked up by Simon & Schuster in 2009, and published by Pocket Books.…

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