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Read self-publishing success stories to inspire your writing

Self-Publishing Success Story: Hugh Howey

Hugh HoweyHugh Howey, an American writer, started out his career writing as a side-project to his day-job as a computer technician, as well as a yacht captain.

What books has he written?
His smash-hit series follows a range of characters in an uncertain future, living underground in silos because the outside world is toxic.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: E.L. James

E.L. JamesArguably the most well-known self-publishing successes, E.L. James50 Shade of Grey trilogy started out as an erotic fan-fiction of the Twilight series. She posted it on fan-fiction sites while under the name “Snowqueen’s Icedragon” and her own website, and later developed it into an original trilogy.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Michael Bunker

michael-bunkerMichael Bunker describes himself as an “accidental Amish Sci-Fi writer.” His latest book, Pennsylvania Omnibus went to #10 earlier this month on Amazon’s bestseller chart. Engrossed in all things self-published, with “The Bunker Plan”, his own strategy for launching a book in place, Bunker’s website is one of the most inclusive and inspiring blogs out there for writers.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Deepak Chopra

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra is an Indian-American author and public speaker who rose to popularity due to his “new-age guru” teachings, which he has written on extensively in his published work. His break-out work, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, remained on The New York Times best-sellers’ list for 72 weeks in 1994.…

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Self-Publishing Success Story: Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter by Charles King c. 1913Beatrix Potter (full name Helen Beatrix Potter) was the author and illustrator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and over 20 other stories about the fictional anthropomorphic animals of the woods. Influenced by her conservationist and scientist background, as well as her life taking her of her children, she began creating books around 1900, which she quickly made a business of.…

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