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Get Your Book Edited

Get your book into professional shape with our editing packages at Self-Publishing Review.

  • Cate Baum is our head book editor with years of indie book editing experience, and the COO of Self-Publishing Review. She is a member of the EFA, and is also qualified in book formatting for e-books and HTML.
  • John Staughton has many years of experience with indie authors as both a professional book reviewer and an editor. He works with Cate on proofreading and editing with books that need a stringent quality check.

Current next available date is: 25 July 2016, so your manuscript will be ready the week of  August 12, 2016



Line (Content) Edit – 0.02 cents a word**

We will read your book and make notes on character, plot and development of the book. We will provide, within one month, a report summarizing the issues and merits of the work. You will be required to submit in Word format (.doc, .docx)  

Note: Line Editing is the process to check the integrity of your creative process. If you wish to check spelling and grammar please see “Proofread”. This is the equivalent of “Level 2: Structural” edit as outlined by SFEP Best Practices.


Content Editing

Proofreading Services for Indie Writers

Proofreading – 0.01 cents a word**

We will read your book and mark spelling, formatting, missed words and grammar errors in margin notes for one sweep, on a Word document copy of your book manuscript and return this to you within one month. You will be required to provide a final draft manuscript in .doc/.docx format.

Note: Proofreading is the process to check the quality of your book’s writing, not the storytelling. We will not comment on the content of the story with this report. See “Editorial Report”. This is the equivalent of “Level 1: Technical ” edit as outlined by SFEP Best Practices.


We accept any genre book including Christian, special interest, erotica, LGBT, and non-fiction books EXCEPT specialist science, business, math or methodology books. This is because this requires a specialist editor in your field. Please consult the EFA or EAC for editors with this skill.

*We use Microsoft Word Review Tools to complete your edit. If you do not have Word, let us know and we will provide your marked up manuscript in a different form. We cannot edit or supply hard copies, ebooks or PDFs. Encyclopedias and other reference books start at $14 a page. Contact us for details.

**All words count including front matter and copyright page. We will confirm your calculation using Word’s word count tool before commencing the job. To work out your cost, divide the word count by 100 (proofread 0.01 cent per word) or 50 (content edit 0.02 per word).

European clients will be charged reduced rate VAT at 5%