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    Chick Lit is a subgenre of Women’s Fiction where books are mainly written by women for women. The main characters can range in age from their 20’s to their 60’s. Many are written from the first-person […]

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    Tips and talk about the design of self-published books.

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    Want to get a book review from a fellow SPR member? Join the group and post in the forum.

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    Group relating to Amazon Kindle E-books

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    This is a support group for self-published authors. It is my hope that we can provide tools and ideas based on our own experience on how to promote our books. Please share ideas about what has or hasn’t worked […]

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    I am the CEO of Lebrary.com an online portal for authors. As online publishing is a partnership between publishers and writers, this group is intended to link both publishers of online sites and to try and answer […]

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    Books which are written, motivated by the wish to help others

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    The world has changed and, unless you’re Stephen King (by the way Stephen, you’re welcome to join the group), a glitzy worldwide marketing campaign is probably not going to be what makes your book a bestseller. […]

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    Paper may be the gold standard of publication, but there are other media available for getting your stories out there and developing an audience for your work. New Media Publishing will explore those venues. Join […]

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    Do you love love so much you write about it? Or just read about it?

    Girl meets boy. No one is ready for a relationship, but they are atrracted to each other anyway.

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    We bring 25+ years of expertise to authors.

    In this forum, we will provide FREE advice to get you started on your way to a successful book and career as an author.

    Join us for online webinars, one-on-one […]

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    Publish Company Reviews
    ReviewInc proactively assists local businesses and multi-location franchises with reviews online. Our solutions monitor, capture, and publish reviews online for companies.

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    Smashwords authors and publishers have specific needs and beefs. This forum is a chance
    to generate discussion, find new marketing friends, get reviewed, and to see how others are using Smashwords to grow their […]

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    Book marketing for non-fiction authors.

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    To create a group go to Groups under Community in the navigation bar – select Create a Group.

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