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    I know I’ve been guilty of having those typos slip by, but I also find them in stuff from Project Gutenberg and books in general. Sometimes a reader will send me corrections and I appreciate it, but I tend to fix them up on Feedbooks before Smashwords, because it seems every time I upload a new version of the same document to Smashwords, the meatgrinder rules have changed and I end up going through more iterations. It does seem to me that people are less forgiving of errors in FREE books than in books they’ve paid for, and that cracks me up. When I come across them in other people’s books, I just let it go, especially when it is easy to figure out what they meant.

    By the way, Neil, I’ve been paraphrasing your “pond freezing over” metaphor. I do think this is a rare, wild interval of upheaval in the world of publishing that will likley settle out soon, no doubt in favor of the mondo corporations.

    On another topic that came up here earlier – about recurring Smashwords visibility – my own experience has been that when one of my books is displayed on a popular website, with a link to Smashwords, then downloads occur. Otherwise, not so much. It’s a giant haystack getting bigger all the time, even though we all consider ourselves to be needles rather than bits of straw :}

    Sites like Neil’s where indie books are reviewed seem to be the best way for us needles to get found – they are doing a tremendous service.