• Kevin Brian Carroll posted an update: 2 years, 10 months ago

    Just finishing up the live Green Street bootlegs of the W. Albany St. Blues Band, and will have them up by the end of this week. Just a tip for anyone bootlegging a live performance….don’t point your little recorder at the PA speakers. It’s a serious bitch to fix in two-track later on. There are amps on-stage, and they’re not always fully represented within the house mix. Sometimes, the house mix only spreads them a little with some top end tinsel, letting the body of the tone project from the stage. Just an FYI for any future bootleggers out there.

    Check out http://WAlbanyStBluesBand.com to see if I saved any of this stuff. The album will be streaming on the Music Page under ”Releases”…even though it’s bootleg stuff. Hell, someone released it. Hell, that’s how I got ahold of it.