SPR Best Seller Package Results 2016

This table shows some of the Amazon results for Best Seller Packages during 2016. You can click images to enlarge them. Note all books are in Paid Books and use relevant categories to rank. We also show current numbers of reviews. All results were guaranteed, and all clients have reached the target ranks and number of reviews. You can buy a Best Seller Package here.

Seer RankRanking Jump #241,654 to #14,322 Seer Category RankAmazon Category Rank #6 Seer Best Seller Seer Hot New ReleaseSEER ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (11)
The Nephilim Ark Nephilim Category RankAmazon Category Rank #3 Nephilim Hot New Releases Nephilim Best Sellers Nephilim New ReleasesNephilim Ark ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (13)
Ramgir Rank Ramgir CategoryAmazon Category Rank #4 Ramgir ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (27)
Roche RankRanking Jump #694,914 to #12,809 Roche CategoryAmazon Category Rank #1 Roche Best SellerRoche ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (10 – In Progress)
Constant Guest Ranking JumpRanking Jump #51,438 to #4,402 Constant Guests Category RankAmazon Category Rank #1 Constant Guests Bestseller PageConstant Guests - AmazonAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (51)
Trust in the Unseen Promo TourSuperseller Package Trust in the Unseen - AmazonAmazon Category Rank #1 Trust in the Unseen - BestsellerTrust in the Unknown - Bestseller BadgeTrust in the Unseen - ReviewsAmazon Badge Achieved
Connected by Kat Stiles Connected RankAmazon Category Rank #18 Connected BestsellerConnected AmazonAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (68)
Brown Sugar GraphRanking Jump #1,313,792 to #10,714 Brown Sugar CategoryAmazon Category Rank #19 Brown Sugar RankBrown Sugar AmazonAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (29)
How to Fail at Life: Lessons for the Next Generation by Aspelin MarkRanking Jump #247,406 to #6,646 How to Fail CategoryAmazon Category Rank #1 How to Fail RankHow to Fail AmazonAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (32)
Cold November Rain by Nicole Warren Cold November RankAmazon Category Rank #1 Cold Novemeber BestsellerCold November BadgeCold November ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (39)
Bully by Emme Dun Bully CategoryAmazon Category Rank #1 Bully New Releases Bully Amazon Bully BestsellerBully AmazonAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (24)
ironheartcover-FINAL-unedited Ironheart CategoryAmazon Category Rank #1 Ironheart Bestseller Ironheart Hot New ReleasesIronheart ReviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (29)
The Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg Perfect Tear CategoryAmazon Category Rank #1 Perfect Tear Bestseller Perfect Tear Reviews Amazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (42)
fez graphRanking Jump #728,825 to #9,831 fez_productAmazon Category Rank #1 fez_bestseller1fez_bestsellerlabel1bluefezAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (31)
evangraphRanking Jump #181,803 to #7,029 evan_productAmazon Category Rank #1 evan_badge1bestseller evanevanreviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (35)
detouramourgraphRanking Jump #60,701 to #6,002 detour_amour_productAmazon Category Rank #14 detouramour_bestseller14detourreviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved *Next to Judd Apatow/Current Reviews (29)
promo graphRanking Jump #419,461 to #3,690 doomedsoul_rankingAmazon Category Rank #1 doomedsoul_no1doomedsoul_bestseller1doomedreviewsAmazon Badge/Lists Achieved/Current Reviews (29) Doomed Soul has sold around 400 books since working with SPR
girl graph Ranking Jump #902,818 to #5,728 girl_productAmazon Category Rank #16 girlreviewsAmazon Badge/Lists/Current Reviews (41)
lessstress Ranking Jump #14,000 to #3,101 lessstress Amazon Category Rank #1 less stress bestseller lessstressreviewsAmazon Badge/Lists/Current Reviews (22)
moscowcover moscow product Amazon Category Rank #1 moscowv_bestsellerand hotmoscowreviews Amazon Badge/Lists/Current Reviews (34)
greg graph Ranking Jump #533,697 to #9,046 gregproduct Amazon Category Rank #3 greg bestsellerjustlovereviews Amazon Badge/Lists/Current Reviews (40)
schism_graph Ranking Jump #153,993 to #1,437 Paid top30 Amazon Category Rank #29 reviewsschismSchism sold over 110 books during the SUPERSELLER promotion. Current Reviews (17)
graphml Ranking Jump #212,619 to #9,897 mlproduct Amazon Category Rank #1 monalisa_badmgemlreviewAmazon Badge/Lists/Current Reviews (47)