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A New Way to Promote: Pay With A Tweet

There are good arguments for both sides of the issue on eBook pricing. A lower price may devalue your work, but it may also drive sales. There’s also the option of giving it away for free.

Henry’s recent experiment with giving his novel away for free got me thinking about doing the same with mine.…

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A Life Transparent: An Interview with Todd Keisling

Todd Keisling is the author of the very excellent A Life Transparent, just released via Lightning Source.  He’s also going to be taking on some of the editorial duties at SPR, so check out this interview to find out about his novel, his thoughts on writing, and what he hopes to achieve with the site.

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Kickstarting My Book: Why I Chose to Crowdsource

The Story

I had a problem.  After several months of work, I was finally ready to publish the second edition of my novel, A Life Transparent.  The details were in place, the cover design tweaked, the revisions made.  All of this was set up for a re-release in anticipation of the book’s sequel early next year.…

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