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Why It’s A Bad Idea For Authors To Do Review Swaps On Amazon

Review Swaps

So many times authors join a social media group called “Review Swaps” or “Author Swaps.” These groups have been set up quite innocently so that authors can get free Amazon Customer Reviews. Unfortunately swapping your book for a review on Amazon is actually a pretty bad idea – and I have found a lot of authors still don’t understand why. ... Read More »

New SPR Book Promotion Deals For Amazon Success

SPR Promotions 2016

Self-Publishing Review’s new Amazon book promotion services give authors a great way of increasing customer sales and reviews in a safe and proven way, tweaked to be in line with Amazon’s new review and selling policies for June 2016 to ensure book success continues with our clients’ books. What changes did we make? We have changed our Best Seller Book ... Read More »

How Paid Reviews Sell Books – Facts and Figures

Editorial Reviews

As one of the most trusted professional review services, and one of the first self-publishing sites around, it’s SPR’s job to make sure we are bringing books to readers with our paid review service, and we’d like to put the “don’t pay for reviews” myth being spread around by certain self-publishing pundits to bed with some hard, analytical, independent facts. ... Read More »

Amazon Adds New Review Options Via Drop Down Menus

Amazon Review Drop Down Menu

If you’ve tried to review a book on Amazon recently, Amazon has added a few options for users when reviewing a book via drop-down menus. Here are the choices:   At the bottom of the page it says: “Write your reviews using the traditional review authoring page” so this is a beta system. Time will tell if this will be ... Read More »

Ten Ways To Get Your Book “Review Ready”

good reviews

As the owner and editor of Self-Publishing Review, I deal with hundreds of self-published and indie books every year. People ask me, “How do I get a good review?” Apart from actually writing a good book (snort) there are a few other things you can do to make sure you get your readers to invest and feel they can sing ... Read More »

Did that Bad Review Come with a Side of Ulterior Motives?


I recently discovered that my book was victim to an act of sabotage through bad reviews and wrote a blog post for the Huffington Post. Here it is: How much can you trust book reviews on the web? Turns out, very little. My journey in self-publishing started at the end of this past October. I had a young adult book, no ... Read More »