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Review: 5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt

★★★★½ 5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt

Mother Nature takes center stage, with a bit of help from mankind’s baser instincts, in 5 Days to Landfall, a thrilling novel by Robert Roy Britt. With all of the recent surges in extreme weather around the world, a story like this is not only timely, but should also act as a dire warning for weather experts and governments of the planet.…

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Review: City on a Hill (Vol 1: The City) by Ted Neill

★★★★½ City on a Hill by Ted Neill

City on a Hill by Ted Neill is an epic tale of belief, chaos and conflict.

While many post-apocalyptic, dystopian novels center on the ravages of atomic fallout, the wasteland lifestyle of survivors, unholy abominations or alien overlords, there are few books in the genre that have placed religion as the focal point.…

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Jacob’s Odyssey By Russ Melrose

Jacob's Odyssey By Russ MelroseJacob’s Odyssey By Russ Melrose is an engrossing zombie novel in which a virus has decimated the country, and Jake, a fifth grade teacher, must travel across the Salt Lake Valley in Utah to survive – all the while haunted by more than world events. …

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Review: Parched by Andrew C. Branham

★★★★ Parched by Andrew Branham

Parched by Andrew C. Branham is about one family’s desperate struggle for survival in a sun-blasted future.

The opening scene of Parched largely sets the tone for the remainder of the book – water is incredibly scarce, people are desperately afraid, and the basic foundations of humanity are disappearing.…

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Review: Schism by Britt Holewinski

★★★★★ Schism by Britt Holewinski

In the year 2017, a government-manufactured virus accidentally leaks into the wider population, and the world is brought to its knees. Claiming almost the entirety of Earth’s population, it seems the only ones spared from the epidemic are children. As Andy Christensen and her friends travel from Bermuda back to their homes in North America, they find the new Wild West that has emerged in the destructive wake of the virus, and must venture with newfound friends to find a new home in Schism by Britt Holewenski.…

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Review: One More by Lance Haynes

★★★★½ One More by Lance Haynes

One More (The Solar Maximum Timeline) by Lance Haynes is a page-turning character study of one man facing an apocalyptic event and the turmoil in his own life. Richard Evans is a strong and goodhearted man with a difficult past.…

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Review: Killing Juggernaut by Jared Bernard ★★★★

Killing Juggernaut by Jared BernardIt’s the 23rd Century as determined by the human “common era.” The last human alive is writing his final memories. We follow the story of those that came before: 21st Century ecologist Zara Dimitrov leads a fateful charge into a new era of conservation; 22nd Century’s Mashechka McGuigan, whose father’s passing leaves her with the duty of the gravely important Mission for Earth; Patrick Nelson, who now records humanity’s final fall from grace at the end of our era.…

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Review: The New World: A Step Backward by Andy Skrzynski

★★★★½ The New World: A Step Backward by Andy Skrzynski

Sometimes the end of the world is just the beginning. In 2019, Easter Sunday, a spike in Internet chatter amongst Iranian, Chinese, and Russian users gives a swansong to the era of global nuclear peace as America’s capitals are wiped from the map.…

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