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Review: A Bus Ride Home by Tidimalo

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This debut novel by South African writer Tidimalo is part romance, part chick lit, but takes a unique approach to both genres. The story is framed by a hiking trip, and that trope comes up again and again throughout the novel. The story begins with the protagonist, Tlotlego (we do not learn her surname until late in the book), catching ... Read More »

Review: Leviticus By Daniel Seltzer


Leviticus by Daniel Seltzer, the first book of the When We Were Gods trilogy, is the mental autobiography of behind-the-times Levi Clayton “Clay” Furstman, an individual with a solitary streak to his existence that causes him to examine everything about himself and the world in an increasingly “outsider” perspective as he ages, and the world moves in directions he finds ... Read More »