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Most Writers Are Unsuccessful: A Pep Talk

By the Book

Self-publisher Dylan Hearn has a very honest, but fairly depressing, post up on his site that’s gone pretty viral because it speaks to so many: 5 self-publishing truths few authors talk about: 1 You need talent to succeed but it’s no guarantee The days of being able to publish an average story with an OK cover and finding success are over. ... Read More »

What Sells a Book?


Book covers I’ve often seen independent authors posting a series of cover images online and asking people to choose their favourite; or they might ask a handful of friends what cover they’d buy. Choosing a book cover with either method doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have been telling my family I’m going to paint my bedroom for the ... Read More »

Free eBook Promotions Can Be Pure Gold for Authors

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 11.07.11 AM

Well it’s time for another Free Book Promotion. The last one pushed by mystery novel, Black Mountain Secrets, up the Amazon ranking ladder to number ten. But it was definitely a learning experience. One lesson I learned was you needed more than a general goal of being a successful writer. Giving your work away for nothing had to have a ... Read More »

Amazon Remains Mum on Authors Fears of Book Sales Skimming


A canned reply is all that Amazon brass is handing the literary community on why thousands of high-performing authors book-sales dashboards have frozen. In the past month over 22,000 Amazon.com eBook authors have scrambled to the giant online retailer’s kdp Amazon Community Board to complain to the global Goliath about the appearance of lost book sales. Visit Are Your Sales ... Read More »