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How Do We Know Our Priorities Are Right?


Do you have a set of priorities in your personal life? Oh, maybe something like: Family > Work > Play… Do you set priorities in your mind for what the government needs to do? How about your priorities for what your customers need? How do you decide you have the right priorities? Is it basically a hit-or-miss, experiential kind of ... Read More »

Rewriting While You Read ~ We All Do It …


What? We all rewrite what we’re reading? How in the world can I propose such an idea? Matter of fact, I proposed it in two posts on my other blog: ReadWriteReadWriteReadWrite… & What’s It Like Inside When You Read A Book?. In the second post just mentioned, I gave a little formula to help explain what I mean: “Reading is ... Read More »

Publishing Progress – The Highs and the Lows…


Writers, almost all of them, want to be published. Not so many years ago, the only way to be published that let the multitudes receive your work was to find an agent and have them present your work to editors who then might decide to work with you toward publishing. There are many stories of writers’ works being published in ... Read More »

Reader, Writer, Publisher ~ Wearing Three Hats Can Be Dangerous

Three hats

Do I really mean that being a reader/writer/publisher is dangerous? Well, when I look at the word history of dangerous, I see that it comes from roots that mean the power of a lord… And, “lord” comes from roots that mean “one who guards the bread”… So, yes, if you’re contemplating using your experience as a reader to power your ... Read More »

New Book on Kindle: What Happened to KayLee, Tears of a Child


Press Release KayCee Antonee gets electric chair in new book: “What Happened to Kaylee, The Tears of a Child.” San Francisco, August 18, 2011: CDMbooks@aol.com announced the much awaited release of new Amazon.com EBook that blows the lid off of what happened to baby Kaylee Mary Antonee in Carol Denise Mitchell’s: What Happened to Kaylee, The Tears of a Child. ... Read More »

One Book – One Gazillion Reactions…


It’s only a little over three months before I publish my first novel. I’ve known from my other writings that people can vary widely in their response to any given set of words. Even calling my next book a novel has varying reactions. It will top-out at about 45,000 words. Many people will tell you that a “novel” has to ... Read More »

Wylie Agency Walking on the Wild Side


This morning, NPR reported that the Wylie Agency, a top literary agency, has teamed with Amazon on a joint venture to electronically publish what’s known as ‘back-list titles,’ best-sellers written long before the age of e-books. The publishing industry wasn’t happy, particularly Random House. In a quintessential display of the kind of pig-headed mentality that has alienated authors (like myself) ... Read More »