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Review: Leading People Safely by James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow

leading people

★★★★½  If you are interested in learning to better your leadership abilities, utilizing up-to-date safety methods in your working life, and looking to get an edge in your business, then Leading People Safely: How to Win on the Business Battlefield covers all the bases, and then some. James T. Schultz and Brian L. Fielkow introduce us to the world of safe ... Read More »

Review: Unbarred Innovation by Mayur Ramgir

Unbarred Innovation: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries by Mayur Ramgir

★★★★ Mayur Ramgir is an entrepreneur – founder of the up-and-coming Zonopact, and the single creator and developer of the CLINTRA software. Holding an MS in Computational Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech, as well as and other degrees and learning from from University of Sussex, University of Mumbai, MIT, and University of Oxford, it’s safe to say that he ... Read More »

Review: PURR Passive Income Power™ by Bradley Morgan

PURR Passive Income Power™ by Bradley Morgan

★★★★ If you’re looking for a high-energy introduction to making money in the digital age, then PURR by Bradley Morgan is a wonderful place to start. With his unique branding, complete with a bevy of acronyms and trademarked self-improvement techniques, Morgan takes readers through the many ups and downs of working for yourself, and generating passive income along the way. ... Read More »

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen

Find Your Voice As a Leader by Paul Larsen

Find Your VOICE As a Leader by Paul N. Larsen provides concise, clear and valuable leadership advice. Without wasting a single word, Paul Larsen delivers a stellar guide to identifying and harnessing your personal skills as a leader, with wisdom that is applicable to a wide variety of power positions.  Find Your VOICE As a Leader presents the wealth of ... Read More »

Review: Reach: Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Reap Intel by Ellen Wunder

Reach: Cultivate Customer Loyalty and Reap Intel

★★★★½ Ellen Wunder is a customer outreach specialist who knows how to connect with clients and make and keep them happy. She shares this knowledge with readers in this informative and very readable book. Part business guide, part psychology manual, Reach will teach management and sales and customer service teams lots of things they probably didn’t know they needed to ... Read More »

Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery

Burn Zones: Playing Life's Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery

Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands is Jorge P. Newbery’s autobiography about going from rags to riches to rags again, and still staying strong along the way. Becoming a real estate mogul at a young age owning over 4000 apartment buildings and a net worth of tens of millions, it all came crashing down with a botched investment in Ohio. ... Read More »

Review: The Modern Mughal Mentality by Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi ★★★★

The Modern Mughal Mentality

In this slim volume, India-born business advisor and entrepreneur, Dr. Afshan Naheed Hashmi presents examples and case studies detailing how Indian businesses have confronted challenges and created successful enterprises, both within India and internationally, using the principles of jugaad. We are told in the preface that the Indian word jugaad means many things and can be interpreted in many different ... Read More »

An Interview with Author Dr. Afshan N. Hashmi


Tell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about? My book is called The Modern Mughal Mentality-New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace. The Modern Mughal Mentality  transforms hardships and difficulties into success stories by introducing the Jugaad Management Principle Business Model, which can be applied to any business, anywhere. For the purpose of this ... Read More »