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Want Reader Feedback? Page99.com


I often speak of my book buying habits here on the site, specifically when they pertain to whether or not I accept or decline a book for review. I am not a first page “hook” kind of person. The first page, to me, is the most overly orchestrated page in a book these days and is not generally representative of ... Read More »

Thoughts on Validation and Success


Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers. — T.S. Eliot Meh! What’s failed? That’s what I want to know. If you are writing and you love what you write and you love the process, then you are not a failed writer. A failed writer to me is the writer who gives up their dream. Self-published writers, if ... Read More »

When a CC License Becomes a PITA, or worse, a Pain in Your Bottom Line…


Last week I entered into an unfortunate discussion regarding Creative Commons licensing, free content, and intellectual property theft to the tune of Copyright Hijacking. See the discussion over on Tele-read with author Piotr Kowolcyzk titled: I have a Ghost Publisher at Amazon … Please Help!: I’ve self-published my two books Password Incorrect and Failure Confirmed through Kindle Digital Text Platform ... Read More »