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An Interview with Award-Winning Author Jinx Schwartz

Award-winning author, Jinx Schwartz, author of the Hetta Coffey Series, spends time between Arizona and Mexico. Her Hetta Coffey mystery series won the EPPIE award for Best Mystery (Just Add Water) and was a finalist for Best Mystery (Just Add Trouble). Jinx Schwartz is the author of eight books, including the award-winning Hetta Coffey series. Hetta is a sassy Texan ... Read More »

Ebook Away!


I finally published an ebook version of my first novel, "Between Boyfriends." I finished this book 5 years ago and eagerly began sending it out to literary agents. I got a ton of responses, some form letters and a few criticisms. The personal feedback was very positive but suggested necessary changes. I spent maybe 1 year doing an major rewrite, then eagerly send the new version back out again. Nothing... Self-publishing is the future. I hope it is a bright future. Read More »