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Wine Into Water: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating

Wine Into Water: A Pastor Stephen Grant NovelWine Into Water by Ray Keating finds Pastor Stephen Grant navigating the treacherous world of counterfeit winemaking. A student of wine himself back in his CIA days, Grant is tasked with uncovering a counterfeit ring, which also involves dead restaurateurs, as well as members of his investigative team.…

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Review: Doctrines of Demons by Eddie Donnally

★★★★ Doctrines of Demons by Eddie Donnally

Doctrines of Demons: The New Age Dawns is the first book in a projected trilogy by Reverend Eddie Donnally.

Pastor Casey Carl is worn out. He has used up every ounce of his energy trying to help the local kids on the streets, but he does not have much left to give.…

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The Elder’s Circle by Jessica Schaub

the elderscirclePicking up right where Gateways, Book I of The Elemental Chronicles left off, Victoria believes that she’ll be home tomorrow. After all, she defeated Ona, the mage who killed her father, and essentially saved the world. Or did she?

The Elder’s Circle is the second book in the series by Christian fantasy author Jessica Schaub.…

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Review: The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat by C.L. Francisco

yeshuas catThe Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat is a Christian fiction story by world religion expert C.L. Francisco.

Mari, a little black cat, travels with Yeshua, tucked inside his robe as he fulfills his destiny as the son of God. Through the eyes of a cat, details of his life and times are elegantly described to the reader for an especially spiritual Mashup Fiction experience.…

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Review: Vision by Galen Snowden & Cathy Newcomb

The young girl looked back and merely nodded. “Mommy, where do monsters live?”

“You mean like Elmo?”

 “No, real monsters.”

“Honey, there’re no such thing as real monsters. They’re just make believe.”

“There are,” she insisted. Madi leaned in, spoke in hushed tones.

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Review: Michael’s Reward by Mario Bernheim

Exceptional doesn’t even closely describe Michael’s Reward. In this thought-provoking, memorable book we meet Michael Whiley, God, and Lucifer. It’s a modern retelling of the Book of Job.

Michael has every material possession possible – a beautiful home, a boat, a lucrative job where he makes millions with bonuses every year, and a wonderful family.…

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