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Self-Publishing Has Arrived: Now What?

FireShot Screen Capture #538 - 'Self-Publishing Is Not The Minor Leagues « terribleminds_ chuck wendig' - terribleminds_com_ramble_2014_01_27_self-publishing-is-not-the-minor-leagues

Chuck Wendig has a great post up now: Self-Publishing is Not the Minor Leagues It’s time to take a long look at the culture surrounding self-publishing. We’ve moved past the time where we need to champion the cause, okay? We’ve seen enough success in that space and have plenty of positive examples it’s time to stop acting as cheerleaders. And ... Read More »

Beating them off with a Schtick

Does advising self-publishers to write for the fringe markets they can reasonably hope to thrive in mark the average self-published work as something it isn't: writing that the 'average' person wouldn't want to read? Read More »