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Review: Skunks Dance by St. John Karp

Skunks Dance by St. John Karp

★★★★ Spivey Spillane is an honest guy. He loves his grandmammy, he loves his home, and he would bring ruin to any man who would rob him of his simple happiness. It’s the American way, and it’s God’s too. Unfortunately for the Spillane family name, there is such a man, and he’s running loose across the state of California, tipping ... Read More »

Review: Take My Husband, Please by Kimberly Jayne ★★★★

Take my husband, please

Take My Husband, Please, by Kimberly Jayne, is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. Sophie Camden is a rookie realtor working on the biggest sale of her career. And she has the hots for a new man in her life. But not all is perfect for her. Will Camden, Sophie’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, has been laid off and is reeling from an investment disaster. ... Read More »

10 Things I’ve Learned from Reading Romance Novels

romance novels

Usually I’m a big reader of autobiographies, biographies, non-fiction history, and all other snobby-type books. But after a 12-hour workday sometimes I just want to forget who I am and pretend to be someone younger, prettier, sexier, etc., etc. So yeah, I read romance novels to relax. There! I’ve admitted it. Go ahead and mock me. Because you are too ... Read More »

Review: The Life and Times of Car Johnson by Rebekah Webb


The Life and Times of Car Johnson by Rebekah Webb is a comedic biography of a fictional character. One could almost say my reading experience of this book was a trip. The book is presented in first-person, as though the character is dictating. During the first few chapters, I thought I was reading a transcript of a stand-up routine. In ... Read More »

Review: Fantastica by Victorio Velasquez


Fantastica, by Victorio Velasquez is not a serious novel.  If you sit down to read it and you want your mind to be blown away by a touching story, this is not the novel for you.  If you are looking for something to make you laugh and to help you forget about the real world, then this may be the ... Read More »

How to Talk to Famous People

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 11.12.21 AM

HOW TO TALK TO FAMOUS PEOPLE AND MAKE YOUR GRANDMA LAUGH A Randomly Organized Book About Life and Comedy Through a collection of humorous and random observations, “How to Talk to Famous People” is ready to shatter your comfort zone. Get ready to embark on a journey that finally reorganizes your passions in the right direction. With a new book, ... Read More »