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Ten Tips For Entering Writing Contests Online (With Links)

Tips for writing contests


Have a look at our tips for entering writing contests online from SPR editor Cate Baum, with links to some of the best websites offering information on competitions.




  1. Make sure you follow the rules carefully. When we run competitions, there is a 5% hit rate of entrants who are disqualified because they haven’t read the conditions of entry properly.

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A New Way to Promote: Pay With A Tweet

There are good arguments for both sides of the issue on eBook pricing. A lower price may devalue your work, but it may also drive sales. There’s also the option of giving it away for free.

Henry’s recent experiment with giving his novel away for free got me thinking about doing the same with mine.…

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Lessons from the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I’m probably not the first to write about the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, because there were several self-published books entered in it.

Including mine, God’s Thunderbolt: The Vigilanates of Montana.

I entered it, although it has already won the 2009 Spur from Western Writers of America, as an experiment.…

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