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Creating a DIY Book Cover with GIMP

Doing your own artwork

Although I signed with a great publisher for my e-book, I opted out of print, deciding to self-publish a paperback edition of my novel. Doing my interior and cover design would allow me artistic control, for better or worse, of the product.…

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Ebook Cover Design: Context Creates Possibilities

This post is a part of Ebook specific cover design series.

On a web page a book's cover is surrounded by information it used to convey itself - like title and author

There are three approaches to covers:
– ebook cover is a copy of a print edition,
– one cover is designed for both print and digital edition,
– a cover is designed for ebook only.…

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eBook Authors: Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing and ebooks have carried a stigma from day one by naysayers and the traditional publishing world. They forecast the book publishing pipe filled with poor and unreadable digital content because of the self-publishing ebook author.

There has been an increase in errors and poor formatting introduced by the new digital books compared to their pbook counterparts to be sure.…

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eBook Authors: Self-Publishing is Like Playing Baseball

Recently I read a great article by Patricia Fry called ‘50 Reasons Why You Should Write That Book’. It is a FREE 24-page Booklet filled with great ideas and information for self-publishing authors.

I was struck by the similarity between the problems eBook authors have when they get started and baseball players starting off on their journey to the big leagues.…

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Image Desperation: The Kiss of Death for Independent Publishers

The book cover is the first thing people see when they are browsing in bricks and mortar bookstores or online. It’s often the first impression people have of the book. While those books released by large publishing houses might have been pre-sold via reviews or the fact they have a celebrity author, few independently published books enjoy such benefits.…

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Book Cover Design An Important Marketing Tool

Book covers are important marketing tools for publishers. It’s difficult to gauge actual sales made on cover design alone, but there have been numerous anecdotal stories from major publishers that clearly demonstrate the impact a strong cover design can have.

Penguin discovered the power of the cover in the late ’90s when the company hired several graphic artists to design new covers for its Modern Classics series.…

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An Interview With Ryan Lybeck, Graphic Designer

You never know where a connection may be lurking.

I have Moo cards of all my books, with the front cover on one side, in full color and almost exactly the same aspect ratio as the finished book, and my website and email address on the back.…

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Make an entrance with a great cover.

As an independent author who also publishes his own work, one part of the process to bring books to market is the creation of appropriate covers. From what I have read on message boards, this seems to be one of the most daunting tasks for many writers.…

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