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Closure: An Eli Quinn Mystery by Robert Roy Britt

 	 Closure: An Eli Quinn MysteryMurder rocks the sleepy town of Pleasant, Arizona, and ex-reporter Eli Quinn is on the case. Fresh off his uncertain vacation from his job with the Arizona Republic to track down his wife’s killer, he returns with the perp behind bars, yet he can’t bring himself to slip back into his old life behind a desk.…

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Review: First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery by Robert Roy Britt

★★★★★ First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery by Robert Roy Britt

Most private eye mysteries have a tendency to fall into common tropes and expected stylization, and there is rarely a reboot within the genre. Robert Roy Britt, the author of First Kill, works against that common grain and has created a believable and likable private eye in Eli Quinn that doesn’t seem like a cliché stepping out of a film noir classic.…

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Drone: An Eli Quinn Detective Novella by Robert Roy Britt

Drone: An Eli Quinn Detective Novella by Robert Roy BrittMan will always twist technology to devious intent; that much is obvious. When drone technology is involved in the assassination attempt of an Arizona politician, few are so qualified to deal with the crime as one Eli Quinn.

In his second published adventure of the series, private investigator Eli Quinn is once again on the case, roped in after friend and lawman Jack Beachum passes on suspicions about the investigating sheriff.…

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Review: The Ring of Gallows by Gary Whorley

★★★★ The Ring of Gallows by Gary Whorley

Jake Achilles is an old-school cop: when sh*t hits the fan, he’ll shoot first and ask questions later, and he’ll break the law to protect it. When Jake and his partner, Kruger Odysseus, follow the cooling trail of a beguiling murder, they might just be digging too deep.…

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Review: The Fo’c’sle Door By Les Cribb

The Fo’c’sle Door by Les Cribb is a time-traveling mystery saga set in seafaring 18th Century/21st century Cornwall England.

The forecastle, a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed; – the spelling is intended to reflect the common pronunciation among seamen.

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Review: Barely Breathing by Michael J Kolinski

Barely Breathing by Michael Kolinski is an edgy thriller that isn’t afraid to take on difficult subject matters to get the reader to think as well as be entertained.

Jake Wood has recently survived a tragedy that left seven people dead.…

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Review: There’s Always Another Case by William Thomas

This crime drama features two very unique characters: John “Smooth” McGovern, a detective on the police force, and his partner Rita “Cheeks” Goreman. They are the homicide squad and, as in real life, they are faced with budget cuts, piles of paperwork and the fact that they must move on when a case turns up dead ends, because there is always another case.…

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