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When Does Self-Publishing Becoming Publishing Through an Independent Publisher?

An interesting question came up in discussions we held this weekend with a young writer who has an idea for a book and wanted to hear how we transitioned from our past careers to writing and publishing. We told him our tale of the journey but then drifted off into a more ethereal discussion of when does an author/self publisher cross the threshold to Author/Independent Publisher.

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Bill See Discusses New Coming of Age Memoir “33 Days”

Longtime Los Angeles indie rock musician Bill See just released his new coming of age “docu-drama” memoir “33 Days.”  This is a recent quick Q & A with him from his Miracle Mile home.

Q. How did you come to self-publish?

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Distributing with Book Baby

Via PR Newswire:

BookBaby throws open the doors to the electronic publishing and distribution world for independent authors, offering the highest pay-out rate for eBook distribution in the industry. Authors will receive 100% of their net sales revenue – paid weekly – generated through all BookBaby’s retailer network, including all the major retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Sony, and soon, Google.To celebrate its debut in the eBook world, BookBaby is offering worldwide eBook distribution for an introductory price of $99, a $50 discount off the regular price of $149.

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Sell Your Book – Get a Book Widget

Now that your book is published, you want to use every means to promote and sell it. A book widget is a compact and convenient visual to add to your web site/blog and e-mail signature line that attracts viewers to explore and buy your book.…

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Important Questions to Ask Before You Self Publish (and sign on the dotted line)

So many self-publishing houses; so many empty promises…

In the past year since my own self-published book, The Victor, was released, I have met many authors who have gone the self-publishing route and have learned many important things that they should have given thought to but didn’t even know to ask and are now kind of “stuck” after having spent A LOT of money.…

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