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Review: Reverence by Joshua Aaron Landeros

★★★★ Reverence by Joshua Aaron Landeros

Reverence by Joshua Aaron Landeros is a suspenseful work of dystopian science fiction about a not-too-distant future. In an action-packed novel that touches on many of the issues of the day, readers are dropped in the near future (2065), where a new empire has risen to power, the United Nation Republic, leading the world and dominating all who threaten their security with a cyborg army.…

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Paroxysm Effect by Ashleigh Reynolds

Paroxysm Effect by Ashleigh ReynoldsFighting to survive in a world gone mad is a bold premise for any novel, particularly a dystopian one where the author is simultaneously required to world-build and deliver high-intensity action. In Paroxysm Effect, author Ashleigh Reynolds creates a utopian world of peace and prosperity, and then quickly destroys that façade, dropping her main character into a tangled plot of behavior-control chips that have suddenly ceased to function after 5 decades of dominion.…

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Review: Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

★★★★ Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

In this strange and troubling land, all young men are doomed to turn into dogs and die before they can reach the age of thirty. The curse leaves many with no hope for a future, either hoping for something great at a young age, or simply accepting an empty existence.…

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Autonomy by Jude Houghton

Autonomy by Jude HoughtonIt’s the year 2035, a decade after a series of cataclysmic environmental events led to the breakdown of society and its resurrection by a global corporate/political force called “The Autonomy.” The Autonomy’s elite upper class rule with an iron fist, keeping the masses starving and working 14 hour factory shifts until their bodies become deformed.…

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Review: New Age Lamians (The Lamian Trilogy Book 1) by Didi Oviatt

★★★★ New Age Lamians by Didi Oviatt

New Age Lamians (The Lamian Trilogy Book 1) by Didi Oviatt is a unique and addictive YA adventure.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a new angle on the post-apocalyptic genre, as the recent popularity of this topic has led to hundreds of new books trying to capture the horrors of a dystopian future.…

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Review: Schism by Britt Holewinski

★★★★★ Schism by Britt Holewinski

In the year 2017, a government-manufactured virus accidentally leaks into the wider population, and the world is brought to its knees. Claiming almost the entirety of Earth’s population, it seems the only ones spared from the epidemic are children. As Andy Christensen and her friends travel from Bermuda back to their homes in North America, they find the new Wild West that has emerged in the destructive wake of the virus, and must venture with newfound friends to find a new home in Schism by Britt Holewenski.…

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Review: Soundscape by Royce Flippin

★★★★½ Soundscape

Soundscape by Royce Flippin is a smart fast-paced thriller, set against an unlikely backdrop of great rock music and shifting political tension. Homeland Security and the Culture Hygiene Police bring to mind George Orwell’s legendary dystopian world. However, the year is not 1984 but 2024, and here you can be arrested simply for possessing illegal rock music recordings.…

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Review: Killing Juggernaut by Jared Bernard ★★★★

Killing Juggernaut by Jared BernardIt’s the 23rd Century as determined by the human “common era.” The last human alive is writing his final memories. We follow the story of those that came before: 21st Century ecologist Zara Dimitrov leads a fateful charge into a new era of conservation; 22nd Century’s Mashechka McGuigan, whose father’s passing leaves her with the duty of the gravely important Mission for Earth; Patrick Nelson, who now records humanity’s final fall from grace at the end of our era.…

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