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Ebook Authors: The Kids Are Coming


One of the great opportunities ahead for ebook authors is the wave of new readers entering the digital book world. These gadget centric-readers are kids and young adults. You know the ones that don’t shy away from a computer screen or the digital world. With their cell phone or ipad in hand, they are going to drive the ebook industry ... Read More »

Book Publishing: A Tale of Two Authors


In the last month or so I started researching the controversy over the sale of the eBook A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and Amazon pulling a copy with a price from its store and substituting their own free copy. I was curious about the rendering of the replaced book and whether the author had actually added value ... Read More »

eBook Author: Rendering your eBooks


Rendered eBooks The eBook Author has the opportunity to add to the reading experience. The eBook conversion process must be much more than converting a paper book to a digital format. It must take advantage of the power of the electronic reader. The eBook author is defined as an author who is writing directly to the eBook platform. You can ... Read More »