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Marketing and Selling eBooks

marketing ebooksMarketing an ebook is probably the most important part of being an author. The reason for this is pretty simple – without ebook marketing, you probably won’t sell any books! In order to make money you have to take advantage of the different options you have, like the web and social media, for marketing your ebook.…

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eBookit Review

ebookit review image

Ebookit charges a flat fee of $149:

What WE Do:

1. We Prepare Your File for Conversion
2. We Assign You an ISBN
3. We Convert Your File To Many Required eBook Types
4. We Check Your Converted eBook for Quality

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Can Giving Away a Free Ebook Help Sell More Books?

free ebook Ice Cracker IIWhen I e-published my first novel, a high fantasy adventure called The Emperor’s Edge, I spent the first couple weeks posting about it everywhere. Message boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. I even contemplated getting a custom CafePress t-shirt that I could wear at the gym (the natural place where high fantasy lovers hang out, of course).…

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