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What Should You Charge for an Indie eBook?

Author Earnings Price Table

The short answer to the question in the title is there’s no set answer. Indie book pricing is a tough matter because each book and each genre will sell differently at different price points. A 10,000-word erotica short can actually get away with charging $3.99. A first (non-erotica) novel by a new author generally can’t. On Reddit, this was a ... Read More »

Self-Publishing is Self-Correcting

Russell Blake

With all the uproar about Kindle Unlimited (SPR included), there is one other major deciding factor that may be driving the self-published sales downturn. Publishers have finally gotten wise to lower prices, thereby eliminating a major tool used by indie writers. Russell Blake writes in The New Landscape: I just looked at the Amazon top 100. #1 is a trad ... Read More »

Too Cheap to be Popular? – Amazon Algorithm Changes

photo by jdurham at morgueFile

If your self-published eBook is featured on Amazon, you are keenly aware that the only thing constant is change. For those grappling with last month’s ranking adjustments, one of the best explainers is offered at Indie Jane, where Jennifer Becton walks us through the confusion: One of the advantages indie authors have over our traditionally published counterparts is that we ... Read More »