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Promoting Your Book 101: Google vs Amazon vs Facebook vs Twitter

Confused about book marketing?
Confused about book marketing? You are not alone.

Often we are faced with a daunting task of promoting our books. But how? What is the difference between promoting on Google and Amazon? Why does it matter what sort of promotion you do as an author?

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17 Services to Tweet a Book

Tweeting your book is a tricky proposition. It can seem a lot like spam if you do it too often. Some say you shouldn’t do it at all:

The dumb-ass secret to promoting your book on Twitter is:

Don’t tweet about your book.

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Eyeballing: Project Gutenberg Launches Self-Published Ebooks Project

A new social community for self-published eBook authors was announced yesterday:

From Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free eBooks, now comes the free Author’s Community Cloud Library, a social network Self Publishing Portal.  This portal allows authors to share their works with our readers as well as allows readers to provide comments, reviews and feedback to the authors. 

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Gee, Thanks! – Ebook Promotion & Giveaways

Media Bistro has put together a list of places where self-published authors can promote their eBook at no charge. The list was culled from Kindle Boards:

We’ve collected more information about the sites in a simple directory below, linking to the submission pages for these eBook sites.

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