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eBook Marketing: Include Live Contact Information in Your eBook


One of the most important things you can do in this ebook world is to provide your reader with your current contact information. I monitor over 50 authors and ebook experts blogs on a regular basis and finding their contact links is quite a challenge. Surprisingly, I find the same problem in the current ebooks that are being published. If ... Read More »

An Experiment in Serial Fiction and Self-Publication


At the start of the year, I had an idea for a project. I wanted to write a serialized fiction story in pieces small enough to fit inside a single Tweet. One tiny chunk of narrative prose every day, slowly building an ongoing, real-time story for the audience to piece together. Then every so often, I’d do something a bit ... Read More »

eBook Marketing: What Goes Around Comes Around


To eBook authors, marketing can be a daunting task. Whether you’re an indie publisher or you are using a traditional publisher, the marketing is usually left up to you. It is a digital world now and self-publishers are not tied to bookstores with limited shelf space and a revolving inventory. In fact it will be on sale for a very ... Read More »

Ebook Away!


I finally published an ebook version of my first novel, "Between Boyfriends." I finished this book 5 years ago and eagerly began sending it out to literary agents. I got a ton of responses, some form letters and a few criticisms. The personal feedback was very positive but suggested necessary changes. I spent maybe 1 year doing an major rewrite, then eagerly send the new version back out again. Nothing... Self-publishing is the future. I hope it is a bright future. Read More »

Why I Nuked My Writing Career Before it Even Started


On Friday, September 9th I uploaded my eBook to Amazon.com, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble for $2.99 A week later, I uploaded it to The Pirate Bay for free. I know what you’re probably thinking.  “Well, that was stupid.”  That’s exactly what my girlfriend, a few of my friends, and the voice in my head all said. It took me ... Read More »

An interview with Chris Wimpress


My novel ‘Joe is Online’ is probably the first piece of fiction in the world which was written FOR e-readers.  It works on a Kindle – in fact it looks great on a Kindle and an iPad.  ‘Joe is Online’ consists entirely of digital documents – blogs, emails, webchat logs, diary entries and websites.  It tells a story of an online cult ... Read More »

Illumination – How One Woman Made Light of the Darkness, by Sophia van Buren

On Sophia van Buren’s 14th wedding anniversary, the police come knocking on her front door. The news they bring about her husband triggers a revelation that instantly causes Sophia’s suburban life to collapse. It destroys one world, but creates another and will ignite something within her, forcing the woman buried under years of diapers and coupons to emerge. Illumination is not a bitter lament. It’s a modern mother’s odyssey – a quest for hope, levity, and the courage to follow one’s inner light through dark times. Sophia does find hope, but first she must overcome the shadows cast by those conditioned to judge. Ultimately, Illumination is a story of rebirth and true love that begins where Sophia’s previous world ends. Read More »