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Why Clean Reader Doesn’t Matter

Clean Reader

Unpopular, minority opinion: Clean Reader doesn’t matter. In brief: an app called Clean Reader aimed to remove swear words from books, replacing then with freaking and crap, etc. Cue the outrage of authors who claimed this as censorship. Smashwords and others then removed titles from the app. To begin, I write books with profanity. I’ve had a number of reviews …

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What Should You Charge for an Indie eBook?

Author Earnings Price Table

The short answer to the question in the title is there’s no set answer. Indie book pricing is a tough matter because each book and each genre will sell differently at different price points. A 10,000-word erotica short can actually get away with charging $3.99. A first (non-erotica) novel by a new author generally can’t. On Reddit, this was a …

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Profitable Price Points for U.S. and UK eBooks

A fascinating survey of ebook sales, via Luzme – the ebook price comparison site, shows the different ebook buying habits of readers in the U.S. and UK. UK self-publishers should especially take note, as ebook pricing in the UK has a much different impact than in the U.S. Many U.S. self-publishers already publish books in the $.99-$2.99 range, and her …

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eBook Marketing: Include Live Contact Information in Your eBook

One of the most important things you can do in this ebook world is to provide your reader with your current contact information. I monitor over 50 authors and ebook experts blogs on a regular basis and finding their contact links is quite a challenge. Surprisingly, I find the same problem in the current ebooks that are being published. If …

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Indie Authors: Your Copyright Page Needs Work

One of the first things an indie author should realize is that the printed version of their book does not have the same content as the ebook version and the differences start right in the front of the book. It starts with the Copyright Page. The first area that jumps out is the copyright page should be different. In fact, …

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Self-Publishing News: Ebook Sales and Resales, Losing the Plot, Fighting for Libraries

In this round-up: the Smashwords July sale for either hemisphere, GalleyCat’s weekly lists of eBook sales ranks, new legal ruling in Europe on eBook resale, a lengthy opinion piece deconstructing why The Authors Guild among other things attempts to invoke sympathy for PublishAmerica, and a save-the-libraries campaign from The Bookseller. Enroll Your Books in the 2012 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale (July …

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