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Authors – Use This Cunning Trick To Protect Your Book From Plagiarism!

There’s a clever way to find your pirated book online if you follow this simple trick, sometimes used by dictionary and reference book publishers. All you have to do is use a Mountweasel.

Yes, that’s right. A Mountweasel. A Mountweasel is a made-up word that is unique to you, and makes it entirely easy to Google your book’s contents to see if has been pirated or plagiarized.…

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What Exactly Is Excellence in Editing?

editing excellenceCate Baum laments the human condition of a humble editor and the unwavering indie author who demands 100%.

When I proofread for authors, sometimes, not often, (most of my authors are lovely) a client will come back to me declaring my gross ineptitude.…

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Ten Easy Steps To Get your E-Book Ready For Editing

As an independent author, there’s no getting away from the fact you will need to get your e-book edited professionally by the sort of editor who knows the differences between e-book and print book. However, these quick ten steps will help you prepare your book for the edit and final publication early on in the process.

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What To Expect From A Sample Edit

 sample editsWhat should authors expect from a sample edit, and how do you obtain one?

When hiring an editor, you may feel you’d like to see a sample of the editor’s work before you hire them. This may give you a feel for the pace of their work, and how they will present changes and corrections to you.…

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Non-Native English Authors And Self-Publishing – Seven Challenges For Editors

english-keyboard-ecommerce1As non-native English speaking authors are enticed to the self-publishing industry, what are the challenges for writing a book in English, and how can authors enter the market successfully?

Recently, as an editor, I have noticed a real upturn in the number of non-native authors that ask me for editing services.…

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SPR Book – Digital Book Editing by Cate Baum: Free Download!

digitalbookeditingWhen I started writing about book editing I never thought my posts would be so viral. I quickly realized why. Nobody was talking about the stage of self-publishing between finishing your Word manuscript and uploading it to an e-book conversion system such as the auto-conversion at Createspace or Smashwords.…

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