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Authors – Use This Cunning Trick To Protect Your Book From Plagiarism!


There’s a clever way to find your pirated book online if you follow this simple trick, sometimes used by dictionary and reference book publishers. All you have to do is use a Mountweasel. Yes, that’s right. A Mountweasel. A Mountweasel is a made-up word that is unique to you, and makes it entirely easy to Google your book’s contents to ... Read More »

A Conversation With EAC Past President and Publaunch Founder Greg Ioannou

Greg Ioannou

Greg Ioannou is the past president of The Editors’ Association of Canada, and has been editing books for almost 40 years. He’s also president of Iguana Books, a hybrid publishing company in Toronto. Cate Baum talks editing, eggcorns, English, and about Greg’s new crowdfunding platform for authors, Publaunch.com. What’s your background in editing? I’ve been a freelance editor since 1977. ... Read More »

What Exactly Is Excellence in Editing?

editing excellence

Cate Baum laments the human condition of a humble editor and the unwavering indie author who demands 100%. When I proofread for authors, sometimes, not often, (most of my authors are lovely) a client will come back to me declaring my gross ineptitude. I ask what the issue is, and the answer always goes something like this, “After you edited ... Read More »

Ten Easy Steps To Get your E-Book Ready For Editing

Paragraph Format - Word

As an independent author, there’s no getting away from the fact you will need to get your e-book edited professionally by the sort of editor who knows the differences between e-book and print book. However, these quick ten steps will help you prepare your book for the edit and final publication early on in the process. This is a ragbag ... Read More »

What To Expect From A Sample Edit

sample edits

 What should authors expect from a sample edit, and how do you obtain one? When hiring an editor, you may feel you’d like to see a sample of the editor’s work before you hire them. This may give you a feel for the pace of their work, and how they will present changes and corrections to you. Before You Start ... Read More »

How To Edit Your Self-Published Book Like A Pro In 8 Steps

8 tips for editing your own book

So you have decided you can edit your own book? It’s a notoriously dicey option, but SPR’s book editor Cate Baum has put together a quick guide to the professional process using digital techniques for proofreading and the general sweep edit needed to complete your book before market. Firstly, I want to say I don’t condone this idea. Editing yourself ... Read More »