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The CSR Way to Add Value and Increase Your Profits Compiled by Kalpana S. Murari

CSRCSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a tricky subject – what do corporations have to do to leverage social responsibility? How can a company act responsibly without affecting profits? This compilation of materials used for the study of sustainability for issues such as carbon emissions and climate concerns has been compiled by Murari from various sources to assist those looking for a more compact study guide.…

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Review: Organize This! By Vali G. Heist

Comedian George Carlin pointed out that “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” In recent years it seems that the average American single-family house (a house that has grown from under a thousand square feet in 1950 to over 2000 square feet in recent decades) is no longer big enough keep all that stuff while we are out buying more.…

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