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Art and Faith by Cherie Burbach

Art and Faith by Cherie Burbach

At its most basic, Art and Faith: Mixed Media Art with a Faith-Filled Message is a portfolio for Cherie Burbach’s mixed media art, but this is no simple collection of images.  It’s art with a message.  Burbach first uses her testimony as an introduction, giving both new readers and longtime followers a glimpse at the Christian faith that acts as an ... Read More »

What’s The Writer’s Job? Recording Or Creating?


I’m venturing into dangerous territory with the title of this post… Let me clarify the exact bit of territory I want to defend. First, when I ask if the writer’s job is recording or creating, certain easy and obvious answers come up: * Journalists mostly record, though they can do it creatively. * Essayists and article writers can slide back ... Read More »

One Book – One Gazillion Reactions…


It’s only a little over three months before I publish my first novel. I’ve known from my other writings that people can vary widely in their response to any given set of words. Even calling my next book a novel has varying reactions. It will top-out at about 45,000 words. Many people will tell you that a “novel” has to ... Read More »