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How To Publish a Book From Start to Finish in Six Months


Six months ago I quit my job to write a book. Because I was blessed financially, I decided that if I were to get some roommates I could feasibly leave the job I hated and pursue my real dream—to write a novel. And I did. My debut novel, a steampunk fantasy called “The Charismatics,” released on December 13th on Amazon ... Read More »

Reaching 1,000 Ebook Sales a Month: What I’ve Learned


When I e-published my first ebook last December, I, like many, harbored secret hopes for overnight success. I think I sold about 25 copies that first month, and half of those were pity buys from friends and relatives. I know some of you can relate! After realizing I wouldn’t be a NYT bestseller by the end of my first month, ... Read More »