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Review: The Prouds by Laith Taher

The Prouds by Laith Taher

★★★½ Fantasy literature is in a Renaissance at the moment, and many new authors from around the world are doing their best to tap into this resurgent realm and engage that readership. In The Prouds by Laith Taher, readers are welcomed into a vaguely recognizable world of power struggles and royal conflicts that we see so often in fantasy sagas. ... Read More »

Review: The Bulls of War (Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones Book 1) by E.M. Thomas


★★★★½ The Bulls of War, the first installment of E.M. Thomas’s sword-wielding epic Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones, follows friends Tyghus and Kyrus The Younger, as they find themselves falling onto the bloody blade of a war of empires and emotions. Vast in its conception, saga-like in its imagining, the dramatic realization of the battle will pull readers into its ... Read More »

The Emperor Returns by William Durkin and Shayne Durkin


In 2014, a ten-year-old girl asked her father if he could assist her in writing a book. That book was Emperor Norton’s Treasure Hunt, a “real life adventure” based in 1950s San Francisco – a local paper devises a treasure hunt with clues in their publication in order to boost sales and win the war for newspaper supremacy in the ... Read More »

Review: The Ever Fiend (Talon Stormbringer Series) by Randy Ellefson

The Ever Fiend by Randy Ellefson

★★★★½ Talon Stormbringer is many things – a thief, a rogue, a legend. Is he a fool too? Tasked with finding the land of Everway by the very same wizard he tried to steal from in the first place, Talon must join forces with a band of misfits in order to find the legendary silver elixir for his new employer-by-force. ... Read More »

Blood and Fire (Bloodthorn Series Book Two) by Adam Collins

Blood and Fire

Blood and Fire is the second book in the Bloodthorn Series, the medieval fantasy series by Adam Collins.  The plot introduced in this trilogy is traditional fantasy fare, unmistakable in its genre roots as much for its sprawling world as its colorful characters, which includes dwarves, wizards, princesses, faerie folk, demonic villains, and monsters galore.  It is a high fantasy ... Read More »