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Magical Eyes: Dawn of the Sand by Jessica D’Agostini

Magical Eyes: Dawn of the SandPrincess Martina lives in the kingdom of Brightalia where magic is forbidden, yet she’s gifted with magical abilities. Her secret might be safe, except her brother has it out for her. When tragedy befalls the royal palace, the princess might need to reconcile with her brother in order to save the kingdom, only he has sinister intentions of his own.…

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Gawain and the Green Knight by Stefan Emunds

Gawain and the Green Knight by Stefan EmundsGawain and the Green Knight is a retelling of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” – a classic 14th-century Arthurian tale told in verse. In the story, Gawain is challenged to a duel by the Green Knight if he agrees to receive a blow in a year and a day.…

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Review: The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies by Wolfgang Edwards

★★★★½  The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies

For readers who are looking for an exciting ride past the boundaries of the unknown, the wild tales of The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies are right up your alley. Author Wolfgang Edwards shows that his powers of creativity are not to be trifled with as he builds an unforgettable world of magic and supernatural science that rivals some of the great fantasy authors of the past.…

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Review: The Humming Blade by Christopher Clark


Fantasy readers love the promise of epic battles, inexplicable power, walking corpses, ancient cats, magic swords, and heroes with impossible destinies to discover. All of that and more is on display within the first 15 pages of The Humming Blade, the stunning new novel by Christopher Clark.…

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Review: Professor Flintwick’s Dream Machine by Dominic R. Daniels

★★★★ Professor Flintwick's Dream Machine

In Professor Flintwick’s Dream Machine, author Dominic R. Daniels delivers an unforgettable young adult fantasy with the depth of a novel intended for adults. Blending the whimsical impossibility of “Spirited Away” with the pared down, yet surreal style of Murakami, this short book is an adventurous ride that will be difficult to put down.…

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Review: The Night Everything Fell Apart (The Nephilim Book 1) by Joy Nash

★★★★★ The Night Everything Fell Apart (The Nephilim Book 1)

Creating a compelling fantasy story with an original, solid plot line is no easy feat, and to combine that with rich, well-developed characters is even more rare. In The Night Everything Fell Apart, veteran author Joy Nash spins a fast-paced tale of partnership, loyalty, betrayal, lust, good and evil that will have readers hungry for the next installment.…

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