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Review: A Better World by Belangela G. Tarazona

A Better WorldA Better World, by Belangela G. Tarazona, is a difficult, but uplifting, read about three women who have to endure harsh realities.

This is a collection of three novellas. In the first, Saja, flees from Sri Lanka, which is in the midst of a civil war.… Read More

Review: Skylark by Ruthie Morgan

skylarkSkylark, by Ruthie Morgan, is an intense, haunting, and beautiful story about love, life, and loss.

One stormy night in London, Billie May Worthington meets Evan Skylark, an Irish artist. The no-nonsense young woman falls for the brooding artist quickly and hard, shocking those who know her best.… Read More

Review: The Lycetta Legacy by SJ Oaksley

lycetta legacyThe Lycetta Legacy, Book One, by SJ Oaksley is a clever new addition to the young adult fantasy genre.

Julia Lynch is a seventeen-year-old girl who thinks she has a normal life. Like most teens her age, she hates her part-time job and enjoys spending time with her friends.… Read More

Review: The Warrior’s Beckoning by Patrick Howard

warrior's beckoningThe Warrior’s Beckoning by Patrick Howard is told in two parts in this first installment of the series. There’s a war between Light and Dark. A team gathers to fight an evil presence. Each team member was shown an address in a dream and all of them appeared at the address.… Read More

Self-Publishing Can Be Just As Creative As Writing

I could say creative writing is right-brained and publishing is left-brained; writing is artistic, publishing all business. I could say that and I’ve heard it said by some “experts” but, even though I did just say it, my experience of both realms forces me to say it ain’t so.… Read More

Review: The Favorite by Franklyn C. Thomas

favoriteSecond chances are rare, no matter how much a person wants them. When Michael Dane is given a second chance he has to make the toughest decision in his life. What’s the decision? You have to read The Favorite to find out.… Read More

Review: Women’s Work by Kari Aguila

womens workSet in the future after the Last War, a bloody battle that wipes out most of the men, women decide enough is enough. Taking advantage of the situation and the fact that the majority of the male population were killed in the war, women rebuild their lives and neighborhoods.… Read More