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Nuclear Heat (The Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. White

Nuclear Heat (Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. White

They’re the Firework Girls — a group of beautiful, fiery, sometimes explosive women. Sam is the last one of the last of her friends without a man. It’s not a bad deal. There’s a lot more going on in her life than men, and to tell the truth, she’s never had a problem getting some when she feels like it. ... Read More »

Eternal Heat (The Firework Girls Book 3) by J.L. White

Eternal Heat (Fireworks Girls Book 3) by J.L. White

When Ashley met Erik Williams in her senior year of high school, they formed a bond through a love of playing music together, despite their disparate family backgrounds – but Erik’s family were not looking to accept Ashley’s lowly upbringing anytime soon. Erik was Ashley’s one true love, and now he’s turned up years later at Hartman Graduate School. He’s ... Read More »

Midnight Heat (The Firework Girls Book 2) by J.L. White

Midnight Heat by J.L. White

Midnight Heat by J.L. White, the second book in the Firework Girls series, focuses on Chloe and her romance with the handsome Grayson. Basically left at the altar, Chloe has a passionate hookup with Grayson on what would be the night of her wedding. It’s all too much, given she’s on the rebound, so she flees the turmoil, regretting every ... Read More »

Review: Forbidden Heat (Firework Girls Book 1) by J.L. White

Forbidden Heat by J. L. White

★★★★½ Forbidden Heat by J.L. White is a steamy romance that’s hard to put down. Isabella wants to be a scientist. During her last year of college, Isabella learns she needs to take a philosophy class to fulfill all her requirements. Isabella already has a full class schedule, but she talks the Dean into allowing her to take an extra ... Read More »