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Review: Tricaillin by Steve Galley ★★★★

Tricaillin Volume 1 by Steve GalleyContent warning for some violent and sexual content/nudity.

Tricaillin is a new graphic novel from Steve Galley, set in a post-apocalyptic society dominated by industrial overlords and torn apart by the horrors that sprung from an old war. A secret society works tirelessly for freedom, and they require help from beyond the pale to win it; meanwhile, a mysterious woman makes her way to answer the call.…

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Review: I and You by Beverly Garside & Lucas Duimstra

This Ayn Rand-inspired comic book from writer Beverly Garside and illustrator Lucas Duimstra is a refreshing read in my pile of reviews this month.

Drawing on the social theory by novelist Rand of Objectivism, i.e. that the sole purpose of life is to pursue one’s own happiness, and to basically act individually in everything to better oneself (hence the title alluding to the outlawed use of the word “we”), we follow Sara, a young official working for a military sector which monitors activity across the nation via cameras a little like Big Brother’s CCTV style watch.…

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