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Review: Living Love: The Yoga of Yama & Niyama by Maetreyii Ma

Living Love: The Yoga of Yama & Niyama

★★★★½ There are many different reasons to practice yoga – for health and wellness, as a means of stress relief, or as a larger part of a spiritual belief system and path for your life. In Living Love: The Yoga of Yama and Niyama, author Maetreyii Ma takes readers on a journey through the self, blending yogic philosophy with practical ... Read More »

Review: Biological Youth by Todd Ewing, Ph.D.

Total Recovery series

★★★★½ In Biological Youth, the first book of the Total Recovery series, author Todd Ewing, Ph.D. introduces readers to his unique approach for improving overall health. While many health books focus on the dual nature of health – body and mind, diet and exercise, etc. – this book takes those classifications one step further. It combines a wide variety of ... Read More »

Review: Tepid Blue by Dev Bhattacharyya

Tepid Blue: Philosophy and Yoga by Dev Bhattacharyya

★★★★ To many, the practice of yoga is purely a physical exercise; something to enhance the body, not the mind. However, make no mistake – yoga is a deep, spiritual exercise intended to work the mind, body, and soul in tandem, as Tepid Blue by Dev Bhattacharyya makes clear. Dev Bhattacharyya is an author dedicated to helping bring out the ... Read More »

Review: Less Stress: 88 Best Practices by Gabriella Kindert


★★★★½ Inspirational quotes books are always fun and interesting, but when the person writing the book is also inspirational, that’s when the book gets really good. Gabriella Kindert, author of  Less Stress: 88 Best Practices and Inspirations from Historical Leaders is something of an “overachiever” – mother, wife, hugely successful in her career, world-traveled, speaking several languages, and drop dead ... Read More »

Review: The Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert ★★★★


The Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert is a conveniently-planned and well-researched guide book to eating healthily while maintaining a hectic professional lifestyle including how to eat on the go while traveling and how to lose weight and stay hydrated. While a lot of offices now provide buffet breakfast with unhealthy cake and loads of strong coffee, it’s interesting to ... Read More »

Review: The Healthy Habit Revolution by Derek Doepker ★★★★

The Healthy Habit Revolution by Derek Doepker

We all have habitual behaviors we wish we could jettison: biting fingernails, interrupting spouses, eating candy bars while watching reality shows. And of course there are many behaviors we don’t have that we wish we did: regular exercise, healthy meals, daily writing, perhaps? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make those desired behaviors as habitual—as easy to do and ... Read More »