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Review: The Bulls of War (Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones Book 1) by E.M. Thomas


★★★★½ The Bulls of War, the first installment of E.M. Thomas’s sword-wielding epic Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones, follows friends Tyghus and Kyrus The Younger, as they find themselves falling onto the bloody blade of a war of empires and emotions. Vast in its conception, saga-like in its imagining, the dramatic realization of the battle will pull readers into its ... Read More »

Review: Stumbling On A Tale (Time to Time #2) by Suzanne Roche

stumbling lead

★★★★½ It all started with a book. Now three siblings are stuck together, traveling through time, once again…whether they like it or not. Join Peri, Henry, and Max – two siblings and a half, in reverse order – as they make their way from the high spirits and high seas of an immigration ship en route to New York, and ... Read More »

Zurga’s Fire (The Orfeo Saga Book 3) by Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

Zurga's Fire (The Orfeo Saga Book 3) by Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

The great hero Orfeo faces one of the most deadly threats of his heroic career. At the height of Greece’s heroic age, the ruthless Getae advance on new territory in their relentless expansion. Terrifying in their savage conquests, heralded by unflinching group assaults and hails of missiles, renowned for wiping out their foes and capturing their defenseless to fuel the ... Read More »

The Sixteen Burdens by David Khalaf


The Sixteen Burdens by David Khalaf is the incredible first novel in a series about a fantastical alternate Old Hollywood. The stars of yesteryear weren’t just talented, they possessed supernatural abilities, and now they’re being kidnapped. Gray Studebaker – a street urchin who sells map to the stars – discovers the stars’ secret, and aims to save them from a ... Read More »

Review: The Shoes Come First by Janet Leigh

The Shoes Come First by Janet Leigh

★★★★½ The Shoes Come First: A Jennifer Cloud Novel, by Janet Leigh, is a lighthearted and laugh out loud historical fantasy and romance. In Sunnyside, Texas, Jennifer Cloud has the perfect job as assistant purchasing manager for an upscale shoe store. When her boss is arrested, Jennifer’s world comes crashing down. She ends up working for her brother in his ... Read More »