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Review: L.A.’s Lost Soul by Dominic Ryan

★★★½ Review: L.A.'s Lost Soul by Dominic Ryan

L.A.’s Lost Soul is the engaging and spirited story about Dominic Ryan’s stay in Los Angeles from the U.K., while he spends seven months learning the ropes at an acting school. It’s an entertaining fish-out-of-water story exploring what it’s like to land in Hollywood with relatively little money, no contacts, and without even a place to live.…

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Henry Baum’s “Oscar Caliber Gun” Gets New Release in 2015

oscarcalibergunFirst written when SPR founder Henry Baum was only 19 years old, living in LA as a child of Hollywood movie professionals, this novel is now re-released, in time for The Oscars, with a new cover and in Kindle format, and captures the male angst of living in the City of Dreams, faced with oblivion and little hope of “making it.”

“Hollywood celebrity stalker Ray Tompkins prowls the underbelly of Los Angeles, his new target is A-List Actor Tim Griffith, and Ray’s going to see this one through to the star-studded end.

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