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Review: Sisters of Moirai by Jill M. Lehman

sisters lead

★★★★ Three girls, Meg, Baby, and Carrie, are Sisters of Moirai. Trapped in a mysterious institution where writing is banned, they write their story at their own peril with a buried pen, blood, dirt. The Suits, those in charge, have a Code of Conduct, and those who do not follow the rules face severe punishment. Moirai is a strange and ... Read More »

Review: Winter (A Crow Creek Novel) by Thomas Drago


★★★★★ With the third installment of the Crow Creek series, author Thomas Drago brings yet another high-octane story arc to his fans. After the Red Queen has been brought down, Amanda Simmons has rebuilt Carolina Entech, the corporation that built alliances with Carolina Energy and even the US Army. Now she’s hoping to bring back a powerful nuclear air carrier ... Read More »

Review: Return of the Dragon by Alex J. Webster

Return of the Dragon by Alex J. Webster

★★★★½ Return of the Dragon by Alex J. Webster is a bloody good ride from start to finish. Vampires have no doubt made a comeback in popular fiction, but some critics have noted the toned-down nature of these depictions, as opposed to the more sinister and terrifying versions of generations past. Alex Webster is clearly a student of those older ... Read More »

Review: Wyrd, TX by David Shawn

wyrd tx

★★★★½ Wyrd, TX by David Shawn is a terrifying, stylish thriller. Balancing humor, wit and terror is an ability that few authors ever master, but David Shawn releases a macabre tour de force in Wyrd, TX, a city that time seems to have forgotten, but demons have not. Shawn marvelously sets the tone for readers within the first few chapters ... Read More »

Review: Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel by Linda Watkins

Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel by Linda Watkins

★★★★ Karen Andersen could be envied. She has a loving husband, wonderful children with a new arrival to light up her life, and a home near the coast to ease her mind on days when the gray sets in. Yet there’s a secret pain that Karen carries with her, carried from another coast of a place she can never forget: ... Read More »

Review: The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan

The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan

★★★★½ The Little Scary Book by Kevin Duncan is a horror story collection, with ten stories for “anyone who was ever young.” This extremely brief description is surprisingly effective at summarizing the piece; the collection is meant for the slightly younger scare-fans out there, though with just as much for an older reader to enjoy. Slip back into the shoes of ... Read More »

Review: Seasons of Pain by Imowen Lodestone

Seasons of Pain by Imowen Lodestone

★★★½ Content warning for violence, sexual and partly graphic; general sexuality; abuse, substance use, and some forms of self-harm. Jesse M. Lelrick is a Witch; well, she was a Witch. To anyone who asks, who has any right to ask, she’ll tell them flatly that she doesn’t do that anymore, she gave up her powers, and now she’s just your ... Read More »

Review: End Time by Daniel Greene

End Time by Daniel Greene

★★★★½ A savage, unforgettable zombie thrill ride. From the very first scene of Greene’s gruesome, entrancing thriller, readers know that they are in for one hell of a ride. When a deadly virus begins to spread in the DRC, one might think that all the petty rivalries, policies, and ambitions of people would be put to the side for the ... Read More »