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Self-Publishing Success Story: Hugh Howey

Hugh HoweyHugh Howey, an American writer, started out his career writing as a side-project to his day-job as a computer technician, as well as a yacht captain.

What books has he written?
His smash-hit series follows a range of characters in an uncertain future, living underground in silos because the outside world is toxic.…

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Hugh Howey’s Advice for Writers

A nice piece in Wired about the changes in publishing, which starts with Hugh Howey’s story:

While working in a bookstore in Boone, North Carolina, back in 2011, a 36-year-old college dropout named Hugh Howey started writing a series of sci-fi novellas called Wool.

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Invaluable Reddit AMA from Author Hugh Howey

There’s a huge amount of self-publishing wisdom in this Reddit AMA from Hugh Howey, author of the Wool series (here’s the lowdown on a Reddit AMA).  The main takeaway is that writers need to be patient.  With all the overnight successes in self-publishing (Amanda Hocking), one might be led to think that’s the way you become successful as a self-publisher. …

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